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Posted by Liang Yulai on November 21, 2018

IPv6 Neighbor Discovery

NDP defines five ICMPv6 packet types:

  • 路由器请求消息 Router Solicitation (Type 133) Hosts inquire with Router Solicitation messages to locate routers on an attached link.[3] Routers which forward packets not addressed to them generate Router Advertisements immediately upon receipt of this message rather than at their next scheduled time.
  • 路由器通告消息 Router Advertisement (Type 134) Routers advertise their presence together with various link and Internet parameters either periodically, or in response to a Router Solicitation message.
  • 邻居请求消息 Neighbor Solicitation (Type 135)
    • IPv4 ARP requset Neighbor solicitations are used by nodes to determine the link layer address of a neighbor, or to verify that a neighbor is still reachable via a cached link layer address.
  • 邻居通告消息 Neighbor Advertisement (Type 136)
    • IPv4 ARP response Neighbor advertisements are used by nodes to respond to a Neighbor Solicitation message.
  • Redirect (Type 137) Routers may inform hosts of a better first hop router for a destination.



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